Eye Care Houston

Eye Care Houston

Eye Theory is our Texas-based practice, where we offer comprehensive eye care in Houston. Whether you’re looking for new eyeglasses or experiencing problems with your vision, we can provide a solution. Our services include digital eye exams, specialty contact lenses, LASIK consultations, dry eye treatment, medical eye care, and many more that you can find by contacting us.

What eye conditions do you treat?

We treat a multitude of eye health issues that frequently affect people, such as:

These are only some of the eye problems we can treat, and you can contact us to find out if we can treat your specific condition.

Are eye exams costly?

This will depend on the specific insurance plan you’re on, where you’d need to pay a copayment fee. After the necessary authorizations, we will notify you of the copayment amount.

We try to treat all patients, whether uninsured or not, providing affordable eye care in Houston. If you’re not on an insurance plan, our discounted fees for eye tests start from $90 and vary based on the specific eye test you get.

What are some other causes of poor vision?

With the outstanding improvements in technology over recent years, people’s eye health should be getting better. But, this is not the case with the increasing numbers of people that are addicted to electronic devices.

Digital screen and LED lights emit what’s known as blue light, that can lead to eyestrain and fatigue, increase risk of macular degeneration, and damage retinal cells. To combat its effects, you can get blue-light blockers such as Eyezen that relieves eyestrain.

Other health conditions, such as diabetes can also cause reduced vision. Diabetes causes blurred vision due to the swelling of the crystalline lens or leakage from surrounding vessels. Diabetes can also lead to diabetic retinopathy, where increased sugar levels destroy blood vessels and cause hemorrhaging.

If you’re having trouble with your vision and looking for great eye care in Houston, at Eye Theory, we provide a number of services for optimal eye health ranging from LASIK consultations to diagnostic eye tests.

Eye Care Houston
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Eye Care Houston